Pilgrimage is not the only way to reconnect with our life’s purpose.  Sometimes you can do it on a small island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.  Peace, tranquillity and being close to nature enable us to listen to ourselves and perhaps realise that our life’s purpose is a unique journey towards self awareness.  From a place of peace it might be possible to optimise our creative potential, inner balance and contentment for ourselves and others.

For this we need time and a special place in order to be. A place in which to let go, reconnect and be reborn.  All this happens with a growing understanding that we need each other and mother earth.

We believe we have found that place – El Sitio and the island of El Hierro

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveller is unaware”

El Sitio has been from the beginning a place of meeting and cultural exchange.  Here you might find visitors from all over the world: musicians, artists, scientists and freethinkers who, whilst also engaged in their own inner search might share personal and life experiences; people, who in the anonymity of this simple and peaceful environment, can disconnect and give new life to their creativity. All this stems from what is El Hierro’s essential characteristic – respect for Sustainability and Nature.


If you are interested in continuing your experience and have a longer stay in El Hierro we suggest contacting CasArte, a wonderful place.